My Experience Scuba Diving

Hello lovely people, Tom again. My post last week went so well I thought I should update my sports and fitness blog with a story of mine. Do any of you guys like swimming? I do, my mom used to say I was born in the water. When I would visit my uncle in the summers as a kid, many hours were spent snorkeling around the dock by his house and looking for treasure in the water. This lead me to being curious about diving, and after having my first dive trip a couple months ago I am so excited to do it again! Being around all those fish, all the different types of coral and then the natural uncertainty of what you might find send chills down my spine(the good kind). If I had it my way, I would go out for a nice scuba dive every week.

For those of you who have never went scuba diving, please try it as soon as you get the chance. It can be a very peaceful experience, breathing in controlled oxygen and having that feeling of semi-buoyancy. If you go at night it’s almost like being in a sensory deprivation tank, something people pay hundreds of dollars to do. Of course, it can cost hundreds of dollars to scuba dive especially if you want to go at night, but if you get your own gear and become a certified dive master then you can go anytime you want! This is definitely in my plans for the future, I plan on getting certified for diving within the next year and hopefully within 5 years I will have my dive masters. But for now, it’s just more guided tours for me, which is a great place to start. Check if you can do a scuba diving course or tour around you, and it me know what you think about the whole experience. See you next week guys!

Scuba Diving