NCAA Final Four predictions

Hey everyone, welcome back to Tom’s sports and fitness blog! Hope you guys are enjoying this winter season, I sure am! I have been able to stay inside mainly thanks to all the snow, and that means watching more sports! The other day I found some bargain deals online at on basketball jerseys of lots of NCAA teams, and since I am more of a bandwagon fan when it comes to university sports I thought let’s get a bunch! But now I have jerseys from lots of teams doing good and since March Madness is only months away, I thought it was time to pick my mid season predictions so I know whose jerseys to wear most. So, my mid season thoughts so on the Final Four will be below.

Michigan State

This years Spartans team is a very young one and they stumbled around early this year because of that. But now that freshman Miles Bridges is playing again and Nick Ward has emerged as a dynamic multi-role player, the Spartans just have to keep on their current path to make a deep tournament run. Plus everyone knows Tom Izzo loves March. He will have his team ready

Duke Lime Green Uniforms


Most people feel like now is a perfect time to jump (or fall) off the Duke bandwagon but I am certain they will make the final four, if not compete for the championship. But the final four isn’t about who is the best, it’s about who can win five elimination matches in a row come march. Duke still has the most talented roster in the country, and with their valuable blend of valuable veterans and emerging youngsters, this team is prepared to handle whoever lands in the bracket.

North Carolina

The Tar heels only recently started working Theo Pinson back into rotation after a long break due to injury. The offense still has a high ceiling to hit, and Roy Williams teams have always played better in March then in January. While no longer a top ten team, I think Final Four is easily within reach.

North Carolina University Logo


The Jayhawks don’t have that great defense they have had as of late, but this team still has a lot of champion qualities I like. Between Frank Mason III and Devonte Graham they have a pair of elite guards which is the same structure that the past four national champions have had, let alone the final four. The have a proven player with big play abilities in Mason and a possible first overall pick on the wing with Josh Jackson. Kansas is a team known for their tournament experience but usually not so much in the final four. While not looking like a dominating juggernaut, they look like contenders.

Kansas Basketball Team

Those are my top picks for the Final Four teams in this year’s March Madness tournament. There are still some teams that might make the climb up, like Louisville or Oregon. If you guys liked this opinion piece, check out my recap of scuba diving. See you readers soon!