Roller Derby

Hello lovely people, Tom here again with another great post on sports and fitness.  Seeing how well my blog post on Scuba Diving did a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to talk to you about other different and interesting sports.

For 2017, one of my New Year resolutions is to try a different and exciting sport each month.  The sport I chose for January would have to be inside, and warm so I chose Roller Derby.

Roller derby

Roller Derby is a full contact sport.  Each game is made up of two teams which have 5 members on the track at each time, although they have 14 members in each team.  The object of the game is for the jammer in each team to score points by overlapping members of the opposite team.   The game is played on a circular track, and the team members skate on the track in a counter clockwise direction.   In order to stop the Jammer from scoring 3 members of the team will act as Blockers and will block the Jammer using body contact so that the jammer cannot get past them to score.  The last member of the team is the Pivot, otherwise known as the leader.  The pivot also blocks and defends like the Blockers but their job us also to call the shots for each play.

roller derby

Seeing as I haven’t roller skated since the late 90’s, my first port of call for Roller Derby was to buy myself some derby skates.  Because I’m just trialling out this sport I decided to look at purchasing second hand, used, derby skates from an online classified ads website.   I found some cheap used Derby skates for sale, on, and they are amazing.  I don’t think I will ever sell them! If you are interested in buying skates for roller derby check out this website; it has lots of ideas of which skate to buy depending on your budget.

roller derby

Another thing you will need to buy to get into Roller Derby is your protective equipment.  Players are all required to wear full protective equipment.  You can find some great equipment here;

Sometimes you will buy this through the club or team that you have joined, but if not you will need to have shin pads, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guards and the most important bit of equipment – your helmet.  I bought most of my protective equipment online.  Here’s the link to where I bought my knee pads; For your helmet its best to ask people at the Roller Derby club as you might have to buy the clubs official helmet.

There are 4,700 clubs worldwide, with 1,250 amateur leagues.  Nearly half of these leagues are in the United States so there’s no excuse if you’re interested in joining Roller Derby.   Roller Derby might have traditionally been a women only sport but gradually there are more men getting involved and participating and even setting up their own teams and leagues.

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Thanks, Tom.