Transfer window closes at a profit

The English Premier League has long been slated for over spending on it’s players during the summer and winter transfer windows. The argument ‘money is ruining the game’ has been debated since the first 1 million GBP signings in the 1980s. However the transfer window during January 2017 has seen the amount received for players sold from the premiership exceed what has been spent for the first time since the premier league started in 1992.

Despite the profit made from player sales the EPL still managed to spend around 215m GBP during the 4 week transfer window, this was the highest in 6 years. This figure however is tiny in comparison to the summer 2016 outlay of 1.165bn GBP, creating a record for a whole season of some 1.38bn GBP. The record for the winter transfer window, from 6 years ago, is 225m GBP, which are still huge figures. The very first winter transfer window back in 2003 a total of 35m GBP was spent. The new super league in China seem to be the big spenders and have their transfer window extended to the end of February, so there could be some big signings still to come there.

Whether you agree or disagree football is being ruined by money no one can argue that the EPL is still a massive league, with TV and merchandising creating a lot of revenue and jobs. My opinion is they are just digits and the game is made more exciting by it. If clubs are willing to pay 90m GBP for a player then why not. Bring it on.

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