Welcome to Tom’s Sports Blog

Hey there.  My name is Tom and I’m absolutely mad about all Sports.  

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been football mad.  I’m fairly certain I was born wearing a Manchester United football shirt and holding a football.  My first word was goal, much to my mums dismay, and I’m pretty sure I was running around after the football as soon as I could walk.  

Manchester United are my favourite football team, and I’ve supported them since birth.  Although I wasn’t born in Manchester my Dad was, and he’s nearly as big a Man U fan as I am.   Jose Mourinho becoming the Manchester United Manager earlier this year wasn’t the best, and although he seems to be doing well, I can’t get over the fact he used to manage one of our biggest rivals, Chelsea.

I’m also a big fan of cricket, it being one of the nation’s pastimes and all that, and loves spending a Sunday down at the grounds with some mates hitting the ball.  It’s also one of my fave sports to watch with my grandad chilling out having a beer.

Anyway that’s enough for today, I’m heading out with some mates to play a round of Footy.  

I hope you enjoying reading blog.

Laters, Tom